A Thank You Letter to Those that Up and Left


Thank you for leaving.

Thank you for not giving me a warning or even an explanation.

Thank you for cutting it cold turkey like you knew I never could.

Thank you for not answering my calls on the nights when I thought you were the only person I could talk to.

Thank you for ignoring my early morning texts because I was frantic and over-thinking.

Thank you for putting yourself first. 

Thank you for giving me the space I didn't know I needed. 

Thank you for teaching me that some people really are seasonal, and not normally seasonal, but Texas seasonal — there one minute and gone the next.

Thank you for the memories, because some of them were actually good, wholesome, enriching.

Thank you for the lessons. You taught me so much, whether you were by my side or nowhere in sight.

Thank you for unconsciously allowing me to grow without you, because your prolonged absence led me to filling voids I didn't even know existed.

Thank you for leaving. I miss you, but I don't think should come back. 

DeAndra Merrills