If you're anywhere near Burleson, you already know about our best kept not-so-little secret. My first time at Dwell Coffee & Biscuits {previously Dwell Coffee & Nosh} was November 2014, shortly after they opened, and I've been going back almost religiously ever since. This week {as I type this} I've been *here* the last five out of the last seven days. No, I don't have a problem. Yes, it really is that good and homey. 

I'll be honest with you. This specific post will probably come across as a little biased, because it is. I do honestly love Dwell's coffee and biscuits. But, more than that, I love their people. The owners are friendly and funny, baristas are down to earth, and some of them have become really close friends. I've come here to laugh, cry, get away, and indulge. Dwell is like home to me. But let me tell and show you why. 

The menu is plain and simple. The place is open and welcoming, just like the baristas behind the counter. You can fellowship here, study here, have a first date, start your night out, or close the night off. My hands down favorite drink to get is a Zebra latte {white mocha + regular mocha} with an extra shot. It's been one of my favorites ever since Taylor Perkey {barista, friend, and photographer of some of these shots} introduced it to me forever ago. Another one I'd recommend is their cold brew, if you're into something customizable and strong. They make a mean Matcha and a killer dirty Chai, so don't be afraid to branch out. If you're ever doubting, ask for a recommendation! I do that no matter where I'm at, new or old coffee stops. 

Alright, don't even get me started on their biscuits. A lot of people rave about Babe's biscuits {they're right across the street} and they're great! One night, since Dwell had sold out (!!), I ran over and got a couple. But . . . they were not the same. I don't know what Steph puts in that batter, but man, oh, man. You can get them any way you like it too. They have featured flavors available all day (made fresh!) or you can drop by in the morning to get a real treat. I tried their Straight Up one time, and died. Biscuits and gravy with eggs and cheese? Yes, please! However you like it, they got it. 

Another great place about this place, something that really makes it stand out, is how they intertwine themselves with other small businesses. They're constantly collaborating with other places, hosting events, etc. They started small, but they are booming now! I love that their focus is more than coffee -- it's their customers and community. I think that's really important and really beautiful.

So come on out and indulge yourself in everything Dwell, and even Old Town, has to offer. I promise you won't regret it. But if Burleson is a stretch for you, fear not! Come August[ish], they'll be opening up a new spot off Berry and University! This makes me uber excited, because now I'll have one close to home and close to work. 

Whether you slouch in the chairs, work away at the desks, or commune with friends, you should dwell here.

TravelDeAndra Merrills